It becomes more and more obvious that uniqueness is the key for success in the leather business: for each client, a unique article.
At Dias Ruivo, we are used to tailoring a vast array of textures and colors to meet the demands of our customers in a fast and liable way.


Innovation and Quality

We have been around for over eight decades. We know how.

The details that define quality in leather require years of experience, perseverance, eficiency and, most of all, observation. Observing the behavior of our leather over time is key to understanding its optimal composition and treatment.

We invest intensively in research and development, not only to create new products but also to optimize our processes and resources so that we are able to provide the best European leather to the world.

According to the individual needs of each client, our physical and chemical tests lab will be available to fully guarantee the quality and liability of our leathers.


Because we work with nature itself, we have a deep understanding of the importance of ensuring its balance.

The residue our factory produces is managed by authorized agents and our liquid and gaseous emissions are periodically monitored according to environmental regulations.

We work with nothing but the best raw materials in the market and we demand strict compliance with the European standards by our suppliers.

Our research and development unit commits to finding the best environmentally friendly solutions that make a reasonable use of natural resources and ensure environmental sustainability.


Rua Central de Campos, 720
4430-787 - Avintes, PORTUGAL

Tel: +351 227 820 268
Fax: +351 22 787 80 72
E-mail: info@diasruivo.com

Address for deliveries only:
Praceta da Fontiela, S/N
4430-832 Avintes, PORTUGAL

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t.  +351 227 820 268


Rua Central de Campos, 720
Apartado 3036
4431-801 Avintes



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